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EmperiumRO is a well-rounded, offset Ragnarok Online Private Server. Centered on balancing and procuring a solid WoE, BG and PvP grounds for the Community, our Team aims to give the best experience possible.

Under Pre-Renewal settings with high rates, we present a place with prime features and progressive gameplay without top-heavy game breaking changes.

It is now time to take a stand. Gather your crew. Ready for the fight of your life.. Hit us with your best shot!


Episode:13.2: Into the Unknown (Brasilis)
Mechanics:Pre-renewal (No 3rd Classes)
Exp Rates:150x
Normal Drop Rates:50x
Normal Card Rates:1%
Boss Drop Rates:5x
Boss Card Rates:Disabled
Pet/Homun Intimacy:10x
Max Level:99/70
Max Stats:99
Max ASPD:190
Instant Cast:150 Dex
Main Town:Prontera (@go 0)
Vending Town:Prontera Market (@go 30)

Basic NPCs

Healer Buffer Warper Job Master
Reset Stats & Skill Tool Dealer Platinum Skill Breeder
Card Remover Banker PVP Warper Branch Room
Stylist Name & Sex Changer Costume Converter

Exclusive Features

Battlegrounds 2.0 WoE Statistic Smart Restock System
ERO Autopot (App) Custom Instance Daily Hunter
Card Trader Plagiarize NPC Quest Shop (All in One)
Headgear Trader VIP System Account Security
Hourly Reward System MVP Reward System Automated Events

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